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Florida Women's Center, Inc. - Dr. Patrick Kelly
Florida Women's Center, Inc. - Dr. Patrick Kelly

Professional Abortion Services and
        Gynecology Care in Jacksonville, Florida

Professional Abortion Services and
        Gynecology Care in Jacksonville, Florida

Florida Women's Center, Inc. - Dr. Patrick KellyNARAL Pro-Choice America

NARAL protects and fights for continued women's rights. Your support and awareness are crucial to women's ability to continue to have safe and accessible women's health care services.

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Abortion Services
Dedicated medical doctors are now providing office-based, confidential abortion services, allowing patients the choice to receive medical care in a dignified and professional medical environment.

Dedicated medical doctors are now providing office-based, confidential abortion services, allowing patients the choice to receive medical care in a dignified and professional medical environment. A woman's right to reproductive freedom and personal choice is protected by our United States Constitution. We realize that beyond the emotional and often difficult decisions to terminate a pregnancy, is the need and responsibility to provide women with the opportunity to have a safe surgical abortion in a professional and safe physician-run medical environment. We know and respect how difficult the decision to terminate a pregnancy can often be, and we are dedicated to provide you with information you may need to come to a decision that is right for you and your individual situation. Our goal to make sure women always have a safe facility and physician to go to when this decision is being made.
No one ever wants to be faced with the decision to have an abortion. Often we go through our life thinking "this will never happen to me." But as a woman between the ages of 13-50 years old, it is likely that there will be a time in your life that you will be faced with an unplanned and even impossible pregnancy. The chances that a woman in her reproductive years will elect to have an abortion is almost 1 out of every 2 sexually active persons. For some women, the choice is very clear. For others, the choice can be much more difficult. This is now about making a decision that is right for you and your individual situation at this time in your life.  If you decide to terminate a pregnancy, we are here to help you safely transition through that decision in privacy and in comfort.
Be assured that in making a decision to have an abortion, you are definitely not alone. The surgical abortion is now one of the most common procedures performed in the United States.  We want you to know that if you choose to have an abortion, our physicians and staff are here to assist you in every way we can.
Parental Notification Laws in Florida:
In Florida, the legislature has implemented a requirement that any patient under the age of 18 who is not an emancipated adult must comply with the parental notification statutes before being able to obtain a pregnancy termination.  There are also judicial bypass methods that can be used for young women who wish to not involve their parents in this personal and private decision.  For more information, our friendly staff can assist you with the details of this requirement.
24 Hour Waiting Period Law in Florida: "Currently not in effect"
Florida republican legislators, known for continually attempting to overregulate and interfere with a woman's right to choose, have made a new law requiring a 24 hour waiting period and two visit requirement on women seeking abortion services.  The new regulation was set to go into effect on July 1st, 2015.  Fortunately, lawyers representing women's rights have obtained an injunction so that the law is currently blocked from going into effect pending a lawsuit challenging the constitutionality of this burden placed on women in need of abortion related care.  This new law, recently passed by the republican majority of the Florida Legislature and later signed by Governor Rick Scott despite thousands of women trying to get him to veto this burden on women, requires patients to be seen two separate times to have an abortion, with a 24 hour "delay or waiting period" in between the two required visits.  This law, which certainly appears to be designed to unnecessarily make the process of obtaining a safe outpatient abortion procedure more burdensome and interfere with a woman's private right to make a timely and private medical decision, requires women to be seen in the office in person by the physician who will be performing the abortion for an ultrasound and to complete a required consent with specific terms determined by the legislature themselves 24 hours before being able to undergo an abortion procedure.  Then after the first visit, every woman  must wait 24 hours after the first visit before she can actually begin the termination process.  As experienced medical providers, we clearly recognize that this required delay is an unnecessary hardship of both time and expense for many women who will be coming from both near and far for  abortion care.  While a patient used to only need to be off work and/or arrange for child care for a day or even an afternoon for this brief procedure, if this law goes into effect in the future, a patient will be required to have two absences from their normal work day or child care duties in many instances.  We are truly sensitive to your needs and the impact of the fact that the Florida Legislature has decided to implement this requirement and continue to invade this private decision made by women every day.  As there is no medical reason for this "delay" relating to the safety of the abortion procedure, this law is fortunately being currently challenged an hopefully the Courts will confirm the unconstitutionality of this law and remove this burden in the future. 
While we cannot predict the future and hope that our knowledgeable Florida Courts will recognize how some lawmakers are interfering with a woman's privacy and right to obtain safe medical care, our office and staff are uniquely able to make this burden as little as possible for you.  Being the only full-time regular local physician staffed facility in Jacksonville seeing patients every weekday with both morning and afternoon schedules in the area, we will always been readily available to assist patients seeking abortion care with the highest level of privacy and efficiency that has become well-recognized by our medical community.    As always, we are here for you and we will go the extra mile to keep you informed and make your visits as smooth and efficient as possible.  We look forward to exceeding your expectations.