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Jacksonville, Florida

Patient Reviews

  • “Everything was great. Staff was very friendly and comforting. The Doctor also gave a lot of helpful info, answered all of my questions, made me feel comfortable, and explained the process in depth.”

    -Jacksonville, FL
  • “I was referred by my best friend and she told me that the nurses, doctor and atmosphere made her feel at ease. The nurses and doctor were so calming and truly understand what this decision means to a woman. Calming music and clean atmosphere. They truly understood and this was exactly what I needed on this day. Thank you very much for caring and the inspiring words”

    -Nahunta, GA
  • “Everything was so efficient. Everyone was so nice and pleasant and I would recommend anyone to this facility. The doctor was great. I was nervous and everything was quickly over and I didn’t recall a thing about the procedure. The information provided was very knowledgeable and helpful.”

    -Jacksonville, FL
  • "I'm a nurse in Jacksonville, and I heard that your facility offered the best care to patients. You treated me with such professionalism and kindness, and I am so pleased. I will recommend your facility and to everyone!"

    -Jacksonville, FL
  • "Your facility is run by a doctor, and I was referred by my own doctor specifically because of the doctor's reputation. I trusted the recommendation of my doctor, and he was absolutely correct. Thank you for your care and assistance. You saved me!"

    -Jacksonville, FL
  • "My advice is to put a section in your website describing the wonderful personal attention that was provided to me by your staff. I never once felt alone. I really appreciate how caring and patient all the staff were, making this process the best is could possibly be."

    -Jacksonville, FL
  • "My family doctor at the Mayo Clinic specifically recommended that I come to Florida Women's Center for this procedure. They told me I would be in good hands and I trusted their opinion. Thank you for your kindness."

    -Jacksonville, FL

  • "I came to you because I didn't want to have to go to a typical "abortion clinic" with an unknown doctor. You made me so comfortable. Thank you so much for being here for me."

    -Jacksonville, FL
  • "Just amazing. You exceeded every one of my expectations and have made me feel like family. Everyone is just so knowledgeable, pleasant, and I have never been so comfortable at the doctor before. Thank you."

    -Tallahassee, FL
  • "I was so very nervous, and the doctor made me feel so safe. I realized that it was my own personal misconceptions and the things that people say about the abortion process that made me so scared. The procedure was amazing, and I didn't even realize that I was done because it was so smooth and quick. I want to thank the entire staff for being there and making me feel like I mattered."

    -Jacksonville, FL
  • "I've never met a group of more professional and friendly people like you. I truly just want to say thank you for being there for me. And thank you so very much for helping me. I will never forget you."

    -Jacksonville, FL
  • "The staff and doctor were very respectful and knowledgeable. You were the most caring, gentle, and comforting staff I have ever met."

    -Jacksonville, FL
  • "The service here was wonderful. The whole staff was just so loving and caring. I have never been treated so well in a medical facility."

    -Jacksonville, FL
  • "You are the most organized and efficient doctor I have ever been to. I am truly amazed at how kind and down to earth everyone is. Thank you will all my heart."

    -Daytona, FL
  • "I have had this procedure before, and your facility was much more personalized and professional than the other places I have been to. This is, by far, the kindest and most comfortable visit to a doctor that I have ever had. I am simply amazed at how nice everyone was!"

    -St. Augustine, FL
  • "You took care of me and made me feel like family, despite my anxiety and anger at myself. You made me realize that I am a normal woman who needed normal care during a tough time. Both doctors who cared for me were so competent and professional. I have my life back, and you gave it to me."

    -Jacksonville, FL
  • "You were highly recommended by the OBGYN specialists, and my own gynecologist refused to let me go anywhere else but to you. I now know why! The doctor and the staff were phenomenal."

    -Jacksonville, FL
  • "I researched the facilities and clinics and then asked my gynecologist's office where I should go. They told me to come to you in Jacksonville because of your well-known reputation. I am so glad they did and thank you so much."

    -Tallahassee, FL
  • "The staff was WONDERFUL!! As many hospital facilities as I've been to, this one is by far the best."

    -Pensacola, FL
  • "I was referred by my OBGYN. This place was absolutely perfect. It was so quiet, professional, clean, and efficient. I am so pleased that you are here. Thank you so much!"

    -Jacksonville, FL
  • "Your one-on-one attention is very comforting. I have been to one other office before, and it took over 5 hours and I felt like cattle. Your office was so comfortable and you staff was professional and caring. Thank you so much for what you do."

    -Jacksonville, FL
  • "Your staff was amazing! I had a difficult time and they were all understanding, comforting, and supportive— exactly what I needed. This was more than I could have asked for, genuine people who genuinely cared. Thank you! I'll always recommend this facility and staff."

    -Jacksonville, FL
  • "Your staff was courteous, funny, and caring. Everyone seemed efficient and focused on good patient care! Very impressed with the great care!"

    -Jacksonville, FL
  • "Your doctor was recommended by the North Florida OBGYN group in town."

    -Jacksonville, FL
  • "My only comment is a compliment. Every staff member was supportive, kind, and positive. I left wanting to hug each one, especially the doctor, for making me feel as if I was in extremely kind and competent hands. Thank you."

    -Orange Park, FL

  • "Everyone was so kind, from the woman who made my appointment, to the nurse in recovery. You truly offer an exceptional service, unlike anything I thought it would be. I will definitely refer anyone who is in need of your services to you. Thank you."

    -Brunswick, GA
  • "My physician recommended your facility to me, and I am grateful that she did. I trusted her advice and you have exceeded all of my expectations. I still can't believe how comfortable you kept me."

    -St. Augustine, FL
  • "The service and atmosphere were impeccable. I could not have asked for anything more. The office/rooms/clinic was very clean and sterile which was so reassuring. The anesthesia was amazing."

    -Jacksonville, FL
  • "My doctor told me to come to Florida Women's Center because of the doctor's experience and the privacy. I looked you up on the website and everything was exactly as you described. Thank you so much for helping me. I'll never forget how nice everyone was."

    -Jacksonville, FL
  • "My friend told me how wonderful everyone was and that I would be very happy with my decision to make the drive to come here. I have been to a clinic before, and words cannot describe how different that was. Thank God she told me about you. You have helped me in a way I will always remember. God bless you."

    -Savannah, GA

  • "You will always be my only choice and your kindness will never be forgotten."

    -Albany, GA

  • "My doctor in Savannah specifically told me to come only to your facility. Thank you so much for all your help during this difficult time."

    -Savannah, GA

  • "Thank you so much for everything. You made me feel so comfortable the entire time I was there. You have helped me close a chapter in my life and start a new one. For that, I am very appreciative. The whole staff was incredible and so wonderful. You are amazing."


  • "Even though I live in Tallahassee, my mother told me to come to your facility and she spoke with her own doctor about where to go. I trusted my mother's advice, and I am so pleased that she told me to come here. You have helped me so much!"

    -Tallahassee, FL

  • "I was referred from my gynecologist in Gainesville, who knows of your doctor and this facility. I still can't believe how comfortable you made me."

    -Gainesville, FL

  • "All of my friends know about this place and told me this was the best facility. Everyone was so wonderful."

    - Valdosta, GA

  • "I read your website and researched this area. Everyone I spoke with recommended your facility. It was clear to me that this was the place to come to. Thank you so very, very much."

    -St. Augustine, FL

  • "I found you on the internet and after reviewing your information realized your facility seemed like a truly professional physician run medical office. The experience was even better than the website, which is impressive. I drove from Miami; it was absolutely worth it. Thank you."


  • "This is seriously the BEST EXPERIENCE I have had at any doctor's officer ever."

    -Tallahassee, FL

  • "My college friends I asked in Tallahassee told me about your facility and how I should definitely go to you. Now I know why. I'm a little amazed."

    -Tallahassee, FL

  • "Your office is quiet, clean, professional, and unbelievably efficient. Your staff and the doctor treated me like they knew me all my life and gave me such peace of mind during this difficult time. I cannot thank you enough for how I was treated."

    - Jacksonville, FL

  • "Everything was great. Staff was very friendly and comforting. The Doctor also gave a lot of helpful info, answered all of my questions, made me feel comfortable, and explained the process in depth."

    - Jacksonville, FL
  • "I was referred by my best friend and she told me that the nurses, doctor and atmosphere made her feel at ease. The nurses and doctor were so calming and truly understand what this decision means to a woman. Calming music and clean atmosphere. They truly understood and this was exactly what I needed on this day. Thank you very much for caring and the inspiring words"

    - Jacksonville, FL
  • "Everything was so efficient. Everyone was so nice and pleasant and I would recommend anyone to this facility. The doctor was great. I was nervous and everything was quickly over and I didn't recall a thing about the procedure. The information provided was very knowledgeable and helpful."

    - Jacksonville, FL

Private Abortions in Jacksonville, FL

Abortion Clinics:  Jacksonville, Florida

” Safe medical and surgical abortion services”

Florida Women’s Center, located in Jacksonville Florida,  provides women with safe abortion options, abortion procedures, and experienced medical care for women’s health related issues.  Florida Women’s Center is Jacksonville’s only fully licensed abortion provider that is owned and operated by a well known local medical doctor and exceptionally experienced abortion provider providing full time medical care every day to allow for immediate patient care in times of need.  

With over 20 years of proven reliable, safe, and comfortable abortion related experience and abortion procedure care, our privately located and comfortable fully staffed office is recognized for our dedication and for a physician who has dedicated his entire medical career to providing women with modern, safe, and comprehensive abortion related care and procedures.  With women’s needs and comfort in mind, we have taken the clinic environment out of abortion care and provide the highest level of experienced, private and safe full-time access to care to our patients.  There is no more need for women to go to part time facilities or have to wait for a doctor to be available or to arrive.  There is no more need for women to spend 6 hours in a facility for a process that takes only two hours from start to finish.  Women no longer have to wonder if their doctor is qualified and experienced in performing abortions or what they will do if they need additional care if they go to an abortion clinic chain that only provides services once or twice a week if the abortion clinic is able find a doctor to provide part time care.   We provide reliable, modern, experienced full time abortion care.

Florida Women’s Center, staffed and run full time by a dedicated local physician with unmatched experience and reputation for quality care, allows women to obtain abortion care in a safe, dignified, and full time medical practice.  Our commitment to women’s reproductive rights and to providing professional private medical care has resulted in our well-recognized reputation for being one of the most reliable and highly referred physician abortion providers in Northeast Florida and Southeast Georgia.   We do provide abortion procedures and abortion services and highly recommend and invite you now to take the time now to review our website.  We have provided a wealth of comprehensive information on this website based on our years of experience of helping women seeking our care, to hopefully help resolve any confusion that can be created by the complexities of unregulated internet related information about abortion related services and care.  If you have questions, this site will most likely answer them.  By taking the time to review our website, you will recognize that we truly know you are seeking assistance and information and our website is purposefully complex, purposefully thorough, and exceptionally comprehensive to assist you at this sensitive time.  Our goal is answer virtually all our your questions about your options and at the same time resolve any potential confusion that can occur by surfing the internet information and seeking abortion related information or abortion providers on internet searches.  Click on our links and tabs.  Review our FAQS section and the many actual reviews from actual patients.  Review the procedures, whether medical or surgical.  Take the time to review any or all of our information.  We are confident that our website will demonstrate who we are and hopefully help you understand and decide what is best for you.  We truly understand what you are going through and we are here to help you transition through this time if you need us in a safe and comfortable environment.

Our medical facility is well-known throughout the medical community reaching out hundreds of miles for our established reliable ability to offer and provide safe pro-choice professional abortion services and abortion procedures.  Our clinic, located in Jacksonville, Florida provides both medical and surgical abortion services, abortion procedures and experienced women’s health and medical care every day of the week in a reliable medical environment which allows women the safest and most convenient medical abortion access available in northeast Florida.  Our longstanding and proven goal is to be the safest and most reliable abortion care provider in the region, and our well known and experienced physician is available every day to serve our community.  After over two decades of maintaining the highest standards of abortion care and providing proven safe, comfortable, and reliable reproductive services to women, Florida Women’s Center and its highly experienced doctors and staff have become one the most referred pro-choice facilities in Florida and Georgia for abortion related issues for women and medical professionals seeking licensed, experienced, and professional women’s care.  We are here for you, and our commitment to your needs and our proven safety and reliability is unparalleled in our region.

5301756Florida Women’s Center is well established and well recognized by regional and area gynecologists and medical providers from cities ranging all throughout the Georgia and Florida state-wide regions for our reputation and recognition of our compassion and most importantly known reliable surgical and technical expertise in providing  safe abortion procedures and pregnancy termination options for patients.  Our experienced physicians are also well-known for our ability to provide extremely reliable abortion related care to women, including be able to care for complicated or abnormal pregnancies or patients with underlying medical conditions.  As part of our commitment to women’s health, we provide affordable women’s health and medical care for women with urgent and routine gynecologic problems or concerns.

Florida Women’s Center is unique and thoughtfully designed and located to meet the professional and personal needs and expectations of all patients. We provide women with the opportunity to obtain convenient, personal, safe, and affordable physician provided medical care during this important time in their family planning decision making process.  We provide and maintain a continued care environment for many medical and women’s health care issues, needs and concerns in an environment that promotes women’s dignity and right to make informed and personal reproductive decisions.

In recognition and respect for how important peace of mind is for all our patients, Florida Women’s’ Center is located in the Samuel Wells Medical Complex, which is directly behind Memorial Hospital of Jacksonville in a private medical complex. There is no public drive by street traffic within our office complex and our facility cannot be seen from the street.  Our unique location helps us to do our best to provide and maintain the utmost comfort, convenience, confidentiality, and safety for our patients. We have a truly caring staff, and our physicians are among the most experienced abortion providers in the country.

Our goal and mission has always been to keep the standards of abortion care in Florida at the safest and highest level and to provide women with the most respectful, patient individualized dignified comprehensive abortion services and abortion clinic procedures in our region. We provide every patient an individual appointment, and treat every patient individually and with the utmost confidentiality.

13682068We provide and maintain a continual commitment to care for women patients in need of our assistance. With our understanding that all women have and deserve private needs and quality medical care, we provide medical services, including not only safe and comfortable  abortion procedures but also routine women’s health care, obstetrical and gynecologic referrals, and many immediately available medical treatments for women’s health and continued care.   We are here for women to provide safe and reliable care.  Our patients are our priority and our doctors have a long history of providing women’s care with compassion, safety, and expertise.

As you will see, this website provides a wealth of information and has been specifically and thoughtfully designed to assist you in understanding this process and to better help you understand our facility, our staff, and our proven and known dedication and commitment to our patients. It also helps you understand the many common differences between different practices and clinics that offer or claim to offer abortion related information and procedures as well as the pro-choice environment and also the burdens women unfortunately continue to face when seeking abortion care in current times.

As we started this page, we still encourage you to take the time to read through the information provided, as the enhanced detail is designed to help you gain insight and knowledge into this ever-changing and improving field of women’s care. This site provides information on many patient issues and question or concerns and gives background information in much greater detail than most websites to hopefully provide you with answers to common and even uncommon questions we know may be on your mind. If we don’t answer your questions here, simply call our office and make an appointment to speak with our doctor.

Our main goal is to provide you with accurate information at this sensitive time and to help answer the many questions and known concerns that patients may have when considering the option of terminating a pregnancy or once you have made the decision to have an abortion procedure. We are always here for women in need when you need us and we truly know what you are going through. What you will realize is that we are here to help you in any way we can, no matter what you decide to do. If you simply want professional advice and to discuss your options with our physician, feel comfortable to know that we welcome this opportunity to assist you.  We always invite you to call or visit our office to speak directly with our staff about any general questions or for further information or to schedule an appointment with our doctor to obtain in-depth information relating to your individual medical concerns or our medical services.


Hours of Operation:  To assure continuity of care for patient safety and convenience, we are open every day of the week.  

Monday: 8:00AM – 6:00PM

Tuesday: 8:00AM – 6:00PM

Wednesday: 8:00AM – 6:00PM

Thursday: 8:00AM – 6:00PM

Friday: 8:00AM – 6:00PM

Saturday 10:00AM – 2:00PM

  • Phone: (904) 398-8005
  • Toll-Free: (800) 733-7993
  • Florida Women’s Center
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