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Patient Reviews

  • “Everything was great. Staff was very friendly and comforting. The Doctor also gave a lot of helpful info, answered all of my questions, made me feel comfortable, and explained the process in depth.”

    -Jacksonville, FL
  • “I was referred by my best friend and she told me that the nurses, doctor and atmosphere made her feel at ease. The nurses and doctor were so calming and truly understand what this decision means to a woman. Calming music and clean atmosphere. They truly understood and this was exactly what I needed on this day. Thank you very much for caring and the inspiring words”

    -Nahunta, GA
  • “Everything was so efficient. Everyone was so nice and pleasant and I would recommend anyone to this facility. The doctor was great. I was nervous and everything was quickly over and I didn’t recall a thing about the procedure. The information provided was very knowledgeable and helpful.”

    -Jacksonville, FL
  • "I'm a nurse in Jacksonville, and I heard that your facility offered the best care to patients. You treated me with such professionalism and kindness, and I am so pleased. I will recommend your facility and to everyone!"

    -Jacksonville, FL
  • "Your facility is run by a doctor, and I was referred by my own doctor specifically because of the doctor's reputation. I trusted the recommendation of my doctor, and he was absolutely correct. Thank you for your care and assistance. You saved me!"

    -Jacksonville, FL
  • "My advice is to put a section in your website describing the wonderful personal attention that was provided to me by your staff. I never once felt alone. I really appreciate how caring and patient all the staff were, making this process the best is could possibly be."

    -Jacksonville, FL
  • "My family doctor at the Mayo Clinic specifically recommended that I come to Florida Women's Center for this procedure. They told me I would be in good hands and I trusted their opinion. Thank you for your kindness."

    -Jacksonville, FL

  • "I came to you because I didn't want to have to go to a typical "abortion clinic" with an unknown doctor. You made me so comfortable. Thank you so much for being here for me."

    -Jacksonville, FL
  • "Just amazing. You exceeded every one of my expectations and have made me feel like family. Everyone is just so knowledgeable, pleasant, and I have never been so comfortable at the doctor before. Thank you."

    -Tallahassee, FL
  • "I was so very nervous, and the doctor made me feel so safe. I realized that it was my own personal misconceptions and the things that people say about the abortion process that made me so scared. The procedure was amazing, and I didn't even realize that I was done because it was so smooth and quick. I want to thank the entire staff for being there and making me feel like I mattered."

    -Jacksonville, FL
  • "I've never met a group of more professional and friendly people like you. I truly just want to say thank you for being there for me. And thank you so very much for helping me. I will never forget you."

    -Jacksonville, FL
  • "The staff and doctor were very respectful and knowledgeable. You were the most caring, gentle, and comforting staff I have ever met."

    -Jacksonville, FL
  • "The service here was wonderful. The whole staff was just so loving and caring. I have never been treated so well in a medical facility."

    -Jacksonville, FL
  • "You are the most organized and efficient doctor I have ever been to. I am truly amazed at how kind and down to earth everyone is. Thank you will all my heart."

    -Daytona, FL
  • "I have had this procedure before, and your facility was much more personalized and professional than the other places I have been to. This is, by far, the kindest and most comfortable visit to a doctor that I have ever had. I am simply amazed at how nice everyone was!"

    -St. Augustine, FL
  • "You took care of me and made me feel like family, despite my anxiety and anger at myself. You made me realize that I am a normal woman who needed normal care during a tough time. Both doctors who cared for me were so competent and professional. I have my life back, and you gave it to me."

    -Jacksonville, FL
  • "You were highly recommended by the OBGYN specialists, and my own gynecologist refused to let me go anywhere else but to you. I now know why! The doctor and the staff were phenomenal."

    -Jacksonville, FL
  • "I researched the facilities and clinics and then asked my gynecologist's office where I should go. They told me to come to you in Jacksonville because of your well-known reputation. I am so glad they did and thank you so much."

    -Tallahassee, FL
  • "The staff was WONDERFUL!! As many hospital facilities as I've been to, this one is by far the best."

    -Pensacola, FL
  • "I was referred by my OBGYN. This place was absolutely perfect. It was so quiet, professional, clean, and efficient. I am so pleased that you are here. Thank you so much!"

    -Jacksonville, FL
  • "Your one-on-one attention is very comforting. I have been to one other office before, and it took over 5 hours and I felt like cattle. Your office was so comfortable and you staff was professional and caring. Thank you so much for what you do."

    -Jacksonville, FL
  • "Your staff was amazing! I had a difficult time and they were all understanding, comforting, and supportive— exactly what I needed. This was more than I could have asked for, genuine people who genuinely cared. Thank you! I'll always recommend this facility and staff."

    -Jacksonville, FL
  • "Your staff was courteous, funny, and caring. Everyone seemed efficient and focused on good patient care! Very impressed with the great care!"

    -Jacksonville, FL
  • "Your doctor was recommended by the North Florida OBGYN group in town."

    -Jacksonville, FL
  • "My only comment is a compliment. Every staff member was supportive, kind, and positive. I left wanting to hug each one, especially the doctor, for making me feel as if I was in extremely kind and competent hands. Thank you."

    -Orange Park, FL

  • "Everyone was so kind, from the woman who made my appointment, to the nurse in recovery. You truly offer an exceptional service, unlike anything I thought it would be. I will definitely refer anyone who is in need of your services to you. Thank you."

    -Brunswick, GA
  • "My physician recommended your facility to me, and I am grateful that she did. I trusted her advice and you have exceeded all of my expectations. I still can't believe how comfortable you kept me."

    -St. Augustine, FL
  • "The service and atmosphere were impeccable. I could not have asked for anything more. The office/rooms/clinic was very clean and sterile which was so reassuring. The anesthesia was amazing."

    -Jacksonville, FL
  • "My doctor told me to come to Florida Women's Center because of the doctor's experience and the privacy. I looked you up on the website and everything was exactly as you described. Thank you so much for helping me. I'll never forget how nice everyone was."

    -Jacksonville, FL
  • "My friend told me how wonderful everyone was and that I would be very happy with my decision to make the drive to come here. I have been to a clinic before, and words cannot describe how different that was. Thank God she told me about you. You have helped me in a way I will always remember. God bless you."

    -Savannah, GA

  • "You will always be my only choice and your kindness will never be forgotten."

    -Albany, GA

  • "My doctor in Savannah specifically told me to come only to your facility. Thank you so much for all your help during this difficult time."

    -Savannah, GA

  • "Thank you so much for everything. You made me feel so comfortable the entire time I was there. You have helped me close a chapter in my life and start a new one. For that, I am very appreciative. The whole staff was incredible and so wonderful. You are amazing."


  • "Even though I live in Tallahassee, my mother told me to come to your facility and she spoke with her own doctor about where to go. I trusted my mother's advice, and I am so pleased that she told me to come here. You have helped me so much!"

    -Tallahassee, FL

  • "I was referred from my gynecologist in Gainesville, who knows of your doctor and this facility. I still can't believe how comfortable you made me."

    -Gainesville, FL

  • "All of my friends know about this place and told me this was the best facility. Everyone was so wonderful."

    - Valdosta, GA

  • "I read your website and researched this area. Everyone I spoke with recommended your facility. It was clear to me that this was the place to come to. Thank you so very, very much."

    -St. Augustine, FL

  • "I found you on the internet and after reviewing your information realized your facility seemed like a truly professional physician run medical office. The experience was even better than the website, which is impressive. I drove from Miami; it was absolutely worth it. Thank you."


  • "This is seriously the BEST EXPERIENCE I have had at any doctor's officer ever."

    -Tallahassee, FL

  • "My college friends I asked in Tallahassee told me about your facility and how I should definitely go to you. Now I know why. I'm a little amazed."

    -Tallahassee, FL

  • "Your office is quiet, clean, professional, and unbelievably efficient. Your staff and the doctor treated me like they knew me all my life and gave me such peace of mind during this difficult time. I cannot thank you enough for how I was treated."

    - Jacksonville, FL

  • "Everything was great. Staff was very friendly and comforting. The Doctor also gave a lot of helpful info, answered all of my questions, made me feel comfortable, and explained the process in depth."

    - Jacksonville, FL
  • "I was referred by my best friend and she told me that the nurses, doctor and atmosphere made her feel at ease. The nurses and doctor were so calming and truly understand what this decision means to a woman. Calming music and clean atmosphere. They truly understood and this was exactly what I needed on this day. Thank you very much for caring and the inspiring words"

    - Jacksonville, FL
  • "Everything was so efficient. Everyone was so nice and pleasant and I would recommend anyone to this facility. The doctor was great. I was nervous and everything was quickly over and I didn't recall a thing about the procedure. The information provided was very knowledgeable and helpful."

    - Jacksonville, FL

Choosing an Abortion Provider in Jacksonville, FL

Choosing an Experienced Abortion Provider:

11812920Despite all the many advances in the modern society, women are still unfortunately subjected to a significant amount of confusing internet mis-information, where legal abortion is still commonly discussed with both fact as well as dramatic fabrication and inaccurate information.  We recognize that the impact of the fabricated, untruthful and unscientific statements made by abortion opponents can confuse patients and often make choosing an abortion provider more difficult. 

Choosing a physician for abortion services is always a private and individual decision, and it can be often difficult for patients to truly recognize what is important and how to determine what to look for in a facilities that provides abortion related care.

First, it is important to recognize that, as with all medical and surgical procedures, you are not choosing a facility as much as you are choosing a doctor. While it is always important to have a modern, comfortable, and appropriately staffed facility like we offer at Florida Women’s Center, it is ultimately most important that you choose a medical doctor who has a proven reputation as an experienced pro-choice physician dedicated to providing safe abortion procedures for women in our modern society.  It is the doctor who is responsible for your safety and in providing your medical care. As with all physician choices, it is important to choose a facility with a physician who has the proper experience in providing abortions and one who focuses and specializes in abortion related care and procedures. This experience and knowledge of the abortion procedure is what has now made abortion incredibly safe in the United States as this common procedure is routinely and safely provided to over a million women in the United States every year.  Continuity of care is also an important factor when choosing a medical doctor.  Florida Women’s Center is reliably open every day of the week, morning and afternoon, to provide abortion services and we provide patients with an excellent opportunity for immediate assistance and the important ability to obtain continuity of care and follow-up for all their needs.  Our full time physician is well known within the medical community and we are routinely referred and recommended by area gynecologists and other physicians who have patients in need of abortion care and procedures.  The reality is that the safety of the abortion procedure is often related to the experience of the physicians or physicians providing your care.  Our physician has recognized and known achievements in the pro-choice society as our doctors are trained and exceptionally experienced in the specialty field of abortion related care and abortion procedures.  This is exactly what women are looking for in a doctor when seeking abortion services.   With the advent of better access for women and dedicated full-time physicians like ours at Florida Womens Center who are committed to keeping abortion care safe, the abortion procedure is known to be one of the safest and most commonly performed brief surgical procedures performed in the United States.

Florida Women’s Center’s physician is an exceptionally experienced fully licensed medical doctor with decades of experience providing safe pregnancy termination procedures. Our facility at Florida Women’s Center is an advanced level private medical facility, enabling us to provide comprehensive abortion services for patients who need us with enhanced accessibility, proven reliability and the utmost safety. In contrast, many “family planning franchises” or part-time clinic facilities provide abortions often only part-time sometimes 1 or 2 days a week or month and employ physicians with varied degrees of training and experience, often with a physician who may not have any formal gynecologic training or may even have only been “trained on site” to perform a surgical abortion and then allowed to perform abortions without any experienced direct supervision.   Facilities that provide abortion procedures only a few times a week or even just a few times a month understandably may not have the continuity of care and direct physician involvement with safe, proven experience that we have always have been able to provide at Florida Women’s Center.  When patients need experienced and safe care, our physicians at Florida Women’s Center are uniquely available every day to provide this care to them.

While many people are referred or advised by their own doctor or previous patients to come to our office for abortion services, we also recognize that there will always be many new patients who have never been in this situation before and may not feel they have anyone to turn to at this time or simply desire to avoid the involvement others during this sensitive time.  We truly understand the emotions and difficulties women face and respect the fact that many patients understandably wish to keep their private reproductive medical decisions to themselves.  As all women deserve to be treated with the utmost confidentiality when making the decision to seek an abortion, we specialize in providing private and individualized abortion related care, using our experience to make your experience as safe and comfortable as possible. We know what you are going through, and we are here to help you during this time and are appreciative of all the positive feedback we continually receive from our patients.  We are incredibly proud to be here for women who need us and we will make your experience safe, comfortable, and as pleasant as possible.  Our patient testimonials have made it clear we are achieving our goals.

Our facility provides the opportunity for women of all ages and circumstances to obtain an abortion in the dignified, confidential, and comfortable environment of a private medical practice office operated by a known and respected physician who realizes the importance of patient comfort, safety, and confidentiality. Simply put, if you need us we are here for you.

Things to Consider When Making Your Choice

  • First, we feel that probably the most important characteristic to consider is whether the facility has an experienced pro-choice abortion doctor.  A doctor performing an abortion should be known and qualified to safely perform this important procedure.  Every patient should ask the facility who the doctor providing care is and have the right to know who the physician that will be providing care is before the appointment.  This is usually easily determined by calling and asking who the doctor will be while confirming that the facility you are calling specifically actually provides abortion procedures.  Every true abortion clinic should easily be able to tell you who your doctor will be that will perform your evaluation and procedure when you make your appointment.
  • As is understandable, full-time facilities like ours at Florida Women’s Center provide patient care every day with physician in the office regularly every day which provides patients with the proper ability to obtain continuous care with enhanced reliability, privacy, convenience and safety.  Our doctor works every day for you, as is the standard in most medical practices. The choice is always yours, and your common sense in this modern age should help you make an informed decision.
  • If you have a trusted gynecologist, we encourage you to seek his or her knowledgeable advice at this time if you feel comfortable sharing this information with them. We know that Jacksonville and the 10563150surrounding areas have many excellent OB/GYN providers who truly care about their patients, and they know our facility and our physician’s reputation for care. Although we respect that abortion is a confidential decision, we feel you will find that most caring gynecologists are supportive of a their patient’s personal choices, and many are aware of reputations of the truly experienced and qualified abortion providers in their region which can make the patient’s comfort level higher when they are referred from a doctor they know. Caring gynecologists may be able to help you with your decision and your chosen path by often referring you to a known experienced and safe abortion provider. Doctors refer patients to other doctors that they feel will offer good care to their patients. They care about you. If you feel comfortable, it is sometimes helpful to ask your own gynecologist if you are in this situation.  Alternatively, you can call our facility directly and make a private appointment without the need to consult your regular gynecologist or physician.  You will be able to address any and all concerns and questions with our doctors if you choose.  The choice is always yours.
  • BEWARE of deception.  There is a growing amount of confusing advertising by anti-abortion facilities who make themselves look like abortion providers based on clever omissions in there advertising and claims of providing abortion related information.  This paragraph contains a few hyper-links to the internet that we have found significantly helps women and the community better understand that there are actually facilities purposely claiming to be involved in women’s reproductive decisions and abortion care, claiming to offer abortion related assistance when, in fact, they do not.   In the United States, there are many facilities that call themselves women’s centers, pregnancy “help centers” or pregnancy “crisis centers,” and they commonly offer some type of free unregulated ultrasound on pregnant women performed by persons who are not medical professionals and not under the direct supervision of a medical doctor.  They also commonly offer free unregulated pregnancy tests and non-licensed “verification” ultrasounds performed by individuals who are not directly supervised by actual licensed medical professionals.  These tactics are used on women who may have an unintended pregnancy in order to lure them into their facilities with the option for a free ultrasound.    If you call a facility from the internet seeking accurate and helpful abortion information, it is good advice to always ask and confirm that they are an actual medical office with licensed doctors working there.    They may use names like, Pregnancy Crisis centers  or so-called “Help Centers” and will offer to provide  information on abortion procedures despite not being a qualified or regulated licensed medical facility or having a licensed medical doctor providing this information.  This information is routinely not based on any credible scientific facts or provided to you by licensed medical professionals trained in women’s health care.  Unfortunately these “help centers” and “crisis centers” are increasingly advertising under the categories of abortion services using confusing vague abortion statements, although they do not provide any medical or abortion care and will refuse to assist you in obtaining abortion care in your area.  These “pregnancy care centers or help centers” are simply religious based organizations that are known for attempting to interfere or delay your care using delay tactics and/or fabricated unscientifically based information.  As you can imagine, quality medical care such as ultrasounds are rarely provided without charge and may be associated with underlying motives.   It is common place for these facilities to open offices as close as they can get to facilities that actually provide licensed abortion services ,which is designed to purposely and intentionally confuse patients who are seeking abortion related medical care.  Although these facilities don’t provide abortion services, they do appear to want women considering abortion to come to them for often lengthy biased religious counseling which may often involve providing blatantly inaccurate statements about the safety of abortion services in the hope that they may scare or intimidate patients out of seeking abortion services.  If you go to facility and they start providing information without checking you in like you know a real doctor’s office does, always just be sure and ask important questions to them up front.  For your safety, simply confirm the name of the facility and the name of the doctor in the office.    Unfortunately it is not uncommon that these religious based “help center” facilities will even inappropriately try make you believe you are in the right place to get a pregnancy termination, even when they know you are not.  Most patients pick up on this very quickly as they feel uncomfortable with the unusual questions being asked.  If you are not asked to pay for services, you are most likely in one of these deceptive pregnancy help centers.  Always “ask them specifically and clearly” if they perform abortion procedures to be sure you are in the right place.  If you are confused when you walk in for a medical appointment, and something doesn’t seem right, simply take a moment to call the facility you intend to go to on your phone while you are there.  The truth will become immediately apparent if you do this.  In Florida, all abortion clinics must be specifically licensed by the State to perform abortion services, must have licensed medical doctors, and must have an abortion clinic license posted on the wall in the office for patients to readily see.  Ask to see the license.  This is the law.   If they deceive you or provide you with what you believe is medical advice, we recommend that you have  file a complaint at this link with Department of Health as it is a crime in Florida to practice medicine without a license. 
  • Privacy is always extremely important. Ask where the facility is located and how private the area is. Ask if the facility is on a major street front. Unfortunately, it is commonplace in the United States that part of the process of getting an abortion involves the chance that protesters may be present at times.   Extremists commonly overtly attempt to harass abortion clinics and while abortion clinics are all somewhat different, generally all have some degree of problems with intermittent uninvited abortion protestors.  This is just a very unfortunate reminder of how intrusive and judgmental people can be as they attempt to invade a woman’s privacy and private medical care during this sensitive time.  
  • As time is always important to patients, determine when surgical abortions are offered at the facility you are choosing. This is usually a good clue as to what type of facility you are considering. Most modern full-time physician run facilities offer services every day to allow for private individual patient appointments instead of group appointments and allows patients to have ongoing continuous medical care. Being open daily and having a physician on site every day allows excellent continuity of care for patients if they have any medical or scheduling concerns.

Misleading, Deceptive, or Anti-Choice Advertising

Unfortunately, there are many deceptive tactics and confusing billboards, advertising and internet information used by anti-abortion or anti-choice organizations.   If you are pregnant and have concerns, we highly recommend calling us or your own OB/GYN for accurate information, as the condition of pregnancy is a rapidly changing condition and we recommend seeking the care of a licensed medical doctor as soon as you become pregnant for your safety.  We truly recognize that no one likes to be harassed, tricked or deceived.  Abortion extremists and crisis centers often appear to platform their information with inaccurate distortions of scientific facts and many fabricated stories regarding abortions and abortion care,  often making unsubstantiated claims to scare and intimidate women.  If you check our FAQS page, many of these common concerns patients seeking abortions are addressed as well.  

If you desire accurate and actual scientifically based medical information, it is always best to avoid surfing the internet for abortion related blogs or abortion questions, unless you are on sites like this that are actually licensed abortion providers.  Go to your gynecologist or come to our office and speak with our doctor.  There is nothing more comforting than being able to discuss your personal needs in private with a non-judgmental doctor who is there to help you or guide you wherever you wish to go.  If you are continuing your pregnancy and need assistance finding an OB/GYN to continue your pregnancy, we have a large and proven referral base of excellent doctors who will treat you with the non-judgmental respect you deserve that in common in the medical community.   The options a woman has when faced with a pregnancy are not mysterious at all in our sophisticated and knowledgeable society. Pregnancy in the United States comes with choices protected by the laws of our country.  We respect women and respect all women’s right to choose what is right for them.  

We are very aware of the long history and development of modern abortion care and the many obstacles women encounter when faced with choosing an abortion procedure and abortion provider. Hopefully, this information can help you knowledgeably choose the level the medical care you are seeking.


Despite the continual attacks abortion facilities and pro-choice providers must unfortunately endure, women’s abortion options have still dramatically improved over the past decade with the advances in medicine, society’s intellectual growth, and the availability of experienced physician operated medical practices. At Florida Women’s Center, we have always offered patients the opportunity to obtain professional medical care from truly experienced physicians in a private practice medical setting. Although it is still necessary for patients from smaller cities to often travel significant distances for this type of care, our preferred-care approach now allows patients to receive the modern safe, professional, and private medical care they desire and deserve. Every women should have the opportunity to seek and be provided modern medical care at this important time. Florida Women’s Center is dedicated to helping and making that a continued reality.

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